SS12 Day 10: Presentations

Last day of our course is dedicated to project presentations, discussion and cross-evaluation.

  • 10.10 –10.20 Brief course wrap-up
  • 10.20 – 10.50 Interactive Guide
  • 10.55 – 11.25 Where is the bus?
  • 11.30 – 12.00 Web Design Teachers

After presentations we will visit Lennusadam and will have a tour starting from 1 PM (around 45 min).


SS12 / Day 9: Development & Design

Thursday was the final day of development. All groups were actively working on finalizing their prototypes for the presentation.

WebDesignTeachers got familiar with rapid prototyping with Power Point. Group created a clickable mock-up with main views and some interactions.

WhereIsTheBus continued with the xcode.

Interactive Guide created a working simulator with RFID readers and drawn paper map of some parts of TLU’s Mare building.

Demoday for Summer School’12 Experimental Interaction Design course on Friday 24th of July on the 6th floor in Mare (room M-659) starting from 10 AM.

Groups at work

SS12 / Day 8: Development & Design

Today all of the teams were concentrating on design and development of their prototypes.

WebDesignTeachers established a design flow, where one is designing, next editing and modifying the drawing so they would be suitable for web and third, working on the interaction and applying design to flash.

WhereIsTheBus continued reading tutorials for xcode and experimenting with the program

Interactive Guide had chance to test the script and even heard first voice output test with “Hello World”.

Teams at work (and creative breaks)

SS12 / Day 7: More testing, development

Today groups worked independently.

WebDesignTeachers continued with testing sessions and started to work on their prototype in Flash.

WhereIsTheBus began with development in xcode, following some tutorials they found online.

Interactive Guide missed some equipment but at the end of the day they had a chance to get familiar with Phidgets and do some initial set up.

Work in progress

SS12 / Day 6: Testing wireframes

Groups tested their sketches and wireframes with other team members, colleagues and volunteers. Teams wrote down the feedback in their project blogs.

Work in progress

SS12 / Day 5: Sketching, wireframes, testing

Today the groups were working on paper prototypes and wireframes; some continued to state transition diagrams. As an example, Ilya showed slides from the previous Winter School course.


Work in progress

SS12 / Day 3: Demo, ideas, blogs

Mash Machine

Today we had one more visiting lecturer, Ottavio Cambieri. Ottavio is working in The Mo’Joes collective which is focusing on interactive and fun instruments. He presented a simulation and video recordings of collective’s “Mash Machine”, an interactive table-like instrument that is build for public events and entertainment. Ottavio also describe his and his colleagues journey, going through steps from developing the idea to building and testing the prototype.


After Ottavio’s presentation we had a really productive brainstorming session. Although all the ideas were doable and really inspiring, participants had to choose few for further development. We also formed multidisciplinary teams and opened blogs for documentation.

Group blogs

Web design teachers –

Where is the bus? –

Guide me TLU –

SS12 / Day 2: Demo-day

On the second day of our course we had two visiting lectures Valtteri Wikström and Juan Duarte.

Valtteri presented a project by Aalto University’s SOPI (Sound and Physical Interaction) research group. The research group is focusing on “sound and its emerging role in designing new ways of interactions between humans through digital environments”. Valtteri presented a prototype of playdough used for manipulating sounds. A homebuilt sensor was used to sense the capacitance of the human body, affected by the playdough and read with an Arduino.

Juan is a media designer specialized in sound. He showed some of his projects related to interactive design for media installations, ie. Pulsar Kite and Particles in the air. Juan was also talking about Reactable project and his own implementation of it in a project “Convoluted Creatures“.

Project showcases

Zahhar showed how RFID tags can be used to count coffee consumption in office environment (with use of Phidgets).

Ilya described the process of creating a prototype of an iPhone application mTLU (Tallinn University iPhone application).

Valeria described the design process for her ongoing start-up project