Student Projects

Summer School 2015

Summer School 2014

Winter School 2014

Summer School 2013

Winter School 2013

Summer School 2012

Spring Semester 2012

  • ÖKOTrans – mobile app that brings together car drivers who have spare seats with fellow travellers.
  • trreid – idea is to integrate tablets into tables in restaurants, so that the clients could order and pay more comfortably and faster.
  • Mobile – a mobile application of page
  • Tiim4 – a mobile application to order food from pizzerias, fast-food restaurants, etc

Winter School 2012

Work in progress

Group work in progress

Mapping TLU – a mobile app which helps freshmen and international students to find their way around the University of Tallinn.

Summer School 2011

Le Petit Bavard – an application or a website which classifies shops in the Toulon’s area.

MaParty – a mobile application for people who want to find a party in PACA region.

Control 4 TV – application for parental TV control and monitoring via smartphone.

Spring Semester 2011

IMKE Monster

Spring Semester 2010

Project Malev

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