IxD Exercises

Here I will put a list of hands-on class exercises.

1. Design (sketch using a paper and a pencil) a control panel for lift, expand it with call button and information display (in teams of 2).
2. Create persona for lift project using Google Docs. Try to contribute to the document together simultaneously, so noone should be serving as a secretary for another (in teams of 2)
3. Pick randomly 3 colour papers (yellow papers contain persona archetype, blue – persona modifier and pink – context) and create a scenario of lift usage under selected circumstances. What design problems your scenario addresses? Write up to 3 user-stories according to template “As a I would like to in order to ” (in teams of 2)
4. Prototype a remote control for a digital projector. Use paper and pencil first, then transfer it to digital form (in teams of 3).
5. Conduct a “hallway” usability testing of prototyped remote control. Pick up any person you like from a corridor, let him/her try your design, ask for a feedback and feelings.

IxD Quiz – a sample quiz with 5 questions. No right answers are given! 😛