Thu 23.07 — Final Day

Time sure flies and it’s the last day of actual work! Today we were finalising me-fi prototypes, finishing up posters and adding blog posts for tomorrow presentations. Everybody did a great job and managed to come up with an impressive body of work!

Presentation, Friday 24.7

Prepare for presenting your project in the morning.

Things that you can show and tell about:

  • How did you came up with the idea
  • Your design process – personas, scenarios, use cases and user stories/use cases.
    • What changed during the way?
    • Did your prototype matched the original scenarios and user stories/use cases.
  • Paper prototypes
    • What did you found out during paper prototype testing?
    • If you didn’t do testing, what would you test? Which part of the design is the most unclear?
  • Demo – show your prototype in practice
  • Recap
    • What would you add  to or change in your solution?
    • How would you develop it further?
    • What approaches you did not use? What approaches were the most helpful for you?
  • Feedback about the course

For presentation use your poster, blog and the demo.

Around 10:15 we are heading to TV-Tower to check their renovated exposition and then will have some coffee with a view 🙂

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