NipTip team user testing session

An example of user-testing session conducted by NipTip team today:

Interesting findings:
0:50 – user is not sure if she should start from browsing FOOD or HOPUSE category. Probably, she would use Search instead. Or it is worth adding tips to several categories (but how to prevent mess in this case?).
1:25 – user is confused with text over picture, possible it is hard to read for several type of users.
1:40 – users do scroll! even there are no clues about hidden interaction elements below the page fold, user still checks if there is something below.
2:00 – user founds, that app usage scenario is rather practical, then recreational: she probably would not just browsing tips, but looking for solution of specific problem.
3:10 – user wants more useful information on main screen: icons, tips, subcategories, etc…

Possible questions to ask:
(a) Did you notice anything else you can do with a tip you discovered?
(b) Would you like to share a tip with friends or rate it? When would you do it?
(c) Do you have an idea what is “Favorite” button over here? Where would you looking for the tips marked as Fovorite next time?

In real life, try to ask about 5 users corresponding to your personas, before making design decisions. If you spend more then a 5 minutes with a user, consider giving something back: discount coupon, bar of chocolate, pen, fridge magnet or any other giftware you may have.