Wed 15.1 – Personas, Scenarios, Use Cases

Today we will continue to work in A447:

  • 10.00 Opening team blogs and writing  1st post – a short description of the project idea
  • 10.30 Lecture on Personas, Scenarios and Use Cases
  • 11.00 Team work – create 3 posts:
    • Post 1, Persona– Determine 1 primary persona for your project; combine a bio with his/her picture, short bio, short problem centred story and main goals (3-5).
    • Post 2, Scenario – Write a scenario (a activity centred story) where your persona interacts with your  solution. Tip: try to avoid words like “clicks”, “selects a calendar” and “opens a new window”, use more general verbs instead.
    • Post 3, Use Cases – Pick use cases from the previous scenario. Concentrate on most complex and less obvious stories. 
User Story template: 
As a (persona/role/"user"), I want to do (what), so I can (achieve what).

Photos from the brainstorming