Monday 13.1 – Introduction

Welcome to our workshop!

Today we saw presentations from Zahhar (coffee machine, Phidgets), Ilya and Daria (Touch the Exchange, mTLU), Mati (Eye-tracker) and Valeria. See you tomorrow for brainstorming, team forming and starting your project blog! 🙂

Our schedule for today

  • 10.00- Meeting in front of T-217 (Terra-building)
  • 10.30- Presentations in Ooas (cafeteria on the ground floor of Astra building)
    • Zahhar’s demonstrations
    • Ilya and Darja introduce “Touch the Exchange” -project
  • 11.00- Project demo continues in university’s Library
  • 12.00- in A-447 (Astra building)
    • Ilya describes “mTLU” project
    • Mati showcases an Eye-tracker
    • Zahhar tells us about new technology trends
    • Valeria briefs about interaction design
  • 12.50 Recap and “homework”