Day 9: Wrap-up

Tan-tan-taa! Last day of work.

Today we will do all the final touches for our projects. To do:

  1. Test your prototype with 2 people outside this course
  2. Make any needed changes
    1. If changes are too big to be made, write about them in your blog
    2. Do the final touch-ups for your prototype
      e.g. add an app logo or a splash screen
  3. Finish your poster (with an app logo) – it will be printed tonight

Tomorrow we will see your presentation. Please show:

  1. your blog (project on the screen) and your poster (on a wall)
    1. tell about your design process; what you did on each day
    2. what was easy/difficult; what challenges you had
    3. what did you learned
  2. a demo with your app – how it would be used

We have around 20 min for each of the presentations.

And at 12:00 we will take you to TV-tower 🙂