Day 4: Technology & Prototyping

Paper prototyping

Rapid prototyping online

Today’s theory is based on the best practices for mobile design:

Our goal for today is to build a prototype of your app. You start with main screen and max 2 supplementary screens to achieve your persona’s goals. Afterwards we cross-test them to get initial feedback about our efforts.

I advise you to use Apperi.IO. Here is ‘why’:

  • web-based – no installation required, works both in Macs and Windows;
  • supports full development cycle from prototyping untill deployment;
  • relies on HTML5 and Javascript, most of you are familiar with;
  • you can test and deploy your app on (almost) any device you might have;
  • free plan is full-featured, the only limitation is 1 user, 1 app and 3 screens.

There are enormous number of prototyping tools to start with. If you find anything worth looking at, please let me know in comments.



We will talk about guerrilla/lo-fi prototype testing.

Select 1-3 user stories or use cases that you would like to test and finish needed views. You do not have to do layouts for actions you are not currently testing. We will run a simple usability test session or a walkthrough with other participants.


User stories 
1) “As a tourist, I want to find product “name”, so I can by it.”
2) “As a tourist, I want to see the location of the map of the nearest place where I can by product “name”.”
Task instructions
“You are a tourist visiting Tallinn.
1) Find a product “name”. /test/
2) Find the nearest shop, which sells this product on a map. /test/”