Day 2: Ideas and Teams

Today we will see Ottavio’s demo on Mash Machine and Zahhar’s ideas on work distribution and remote work. The event is listed here:

We will meet at 9:50 in the lobby of Mare building.

TUE 23.7 – Today’s task

  1. Present your idea(s)
  2. Create teams
  3. Open team blog (Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace…) – 1 blog per team
  4. Add the link to your blog as a comment to this post
  5. First post: briefly describe your idea and add your team members
  6. At home: Finish your first post
    Extra: Write a little bit about what have been done so far and how you could improve it



More photos on Facebook.

WED 24.7

On Wednesday we will continue in M-402 with talks on Interaction Design and approaches such as personas, use stories and scenarios. We will also apply these approaches in practice with your project.

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