Day 5: Lo-fi prototypes

The aim of our fifth day was to start working on the low fidelity prototypes, either on paper or with online mockup tools such as e.g. Codiqa, Mockingbird, Fluid, an similar.

At this stage, prototype drafts can be really simple and doodle-like. Paper and pen are great tools! For more advanced paper prototyping one can use scissors, tape, printable stencils or a printed wireframes. However, for instance a simple white A4 works just fine for representing a regular browser window.

Wireframes – simple structures without specific graphical treatment – and stage transition diagrams will help to outline views needed for covering most critical user stories. User stories are derived from the scenarios in which personas are interacting with the system. In other words, user stories that will be tested should be based on the narratives (scenarios) of the likely situations in which the product is used. The main concern in lo-fi prototyping is not to get distracted by all little details but to concentrate on the most essential views.

Daily brief

Work in progress