Spring Course Exam

Hi all!

Our course ends with an exam, consisting of essay (deadline 4.05), written quiz (was conducted in February) and team project presentations (taking place on May, 7th at 10AM).

Official exam days are: Tue 22.05 at 14:00 and Fri 25.05 at 8:15 (põhieksam). Last chance is Fri, 1.06 at 8:15 (järeleksam). All exams will be held in room T-321 upon advance registration according to university rules.

You SHOULD NOT attend an official exam if and only if all of the following is true:
1) you have successfully defended your team project on May, 7th (all teams passed, ÖKOTrans A, trreid B, Liikluinfo.ee Mobile C, Tiim4 C)
2) you have submitted you essay on time (Roger, Tanel, Antero, Lauri, Dea, Aleksandr, Raimond, Jaan – are OK)
3) and you passed the test with at least E (Lauri, Raimond, Roger, Dea, Tanel, Martti, Mihkel, Antero, Kaarel, Kristian, Signe, Jaan – are OK).

Good luck!