Prepare for finishing the course

Hi all!

To finish this course, you need:

1. Produce 1 minute video teaser for your project. Be creative, you may visualize any of your user scenarios. Feel free to select any tools: iPhone camera, Flip or anything that records video. This is also true for post-processing: iMovie, MS Movie Maker or Camtasia work well. When ready, publish it on YouTube or Vimeo without any restrictions and be ready to present it on May, 7 along with your project.

2. Finish your clickable prototype. UI should be ready and polished, while functionality might still be initial. Make a high-quality screenshot of your app to discuss on projector screen.

3. Compose an essay (1-2 A4 pages, up to 3500 characters) about Dan Saffers book or a chapter from it. Relate it to the work done, discuss how it helped you to enrich your understanding of IxD. Deadline for essays is May, 4 at 23:59 to my e-mail.

4. Update your blogs with video, latest screenshots and reflections.

5. Be ready to talk about your teamwork – start from an elevator pitch, then describe it in more detail (see slides about presenting project on previous page). Discussion with take about 20 minutes per team, comments and questions from other team members it are welcomed.

Good luck!