Spring Course: Third Design Session

Hello, everybody! It is time to proceed with rapid prototyping. Lets move to from medium to high fidelity prototypes. Before we do it, please check there is a post in your project blog containing well-done and verified wireframe of your application with state-transition diagram or system map put on top of it. Your work should be accompanied by a couple of videos (1′ each is enough) or at least photos of verification process on real users.

To make your high-fidelity prototype I advice to utilize HTML and make it clickable from the very first stage. It would be easy to test on real device and continue with application development by just adding business logic to the interface. One relatively good tool for that is Codiqa – it allows you to build a nice clickable prototype and download it source-code as HTML for future development. Codiqa is built upon a jQuery Mobile, to it is easy to extend.

On the next class on 2nd of April you continue finishing your prototypes (from 8:15 until 9:45). After a brake we have a guest lecturerValeria Gashik (one of co-authors of this course) comes from Helsinki to tell about modern trends in graphical design. She’s lecture will be in English and you have a chance to get an expert evaluation about your visual communication design, as well as to ask a good advice how to make your graphical design more beautiful. Use this possibility wisely!