Spring Course: Second Design Session Ended

Now we finished the very first prototyping session and you should have ready wireframes of your application. Be ready to present them next time! Meanwhile read through article about Top 5 Mistakes of Interaction Design – it will help you in your home task.

Our next design session occurs on March, 26. Please note we skip one Monday, it is OK!

By that time, you should deliver and present the following:

  • Blog post that contains initial version of your paper prototype or wireframe (may be already done for some teams, then go further)
  • Blog post with feedback from users, who tested your prototype. Be more talkative and describe testing process and your thoughts about it.Make sure to add photos or video (2-3 minutes) that shows testing process.
  • Blog post with final version of wireframe, that should be done using Balzamiq, MockingBird or any other prototyping tool (you may find their list to the right). Define interactions among all wireframes (use arrows) and present them on one large-scaled picture. Make sure there is no orphaned wireframes or dead ends. Revisit course material if you need to refresh theory.

Good luck!