Spring Course: Second Design Session

Summary of second design session:

Now we have 4 teams – welcome Tiim4! Please hurry up and finish with personas, scenarios and user-stories ASAP – this is your hometask. For all other teams: you should review your user-stories and make sure that they are describe pretty well functionality and behaviour of your application that is requested by users. You will be using them as a check-list when designing prototype and developing your application.

During the design session we were prototyping sketches and wireframes for your apps. Please take your paper prototypes or wireframe print-outs with you to the next class on 12.03 – we need them for user evaluation. Your task will be find a couple of users similar to defined personas and get their feedback on proposed prototypes. To make this possible, you will be playing back scenarios you have composed earlier.

After that you will have time to finalize your low-fidelity prototypes and implement them as wireframes, using any suitable software (notice Tools section in this blog).