Spring course is open!

Thank you everybody who started Experimental IxD course this spring! I am sure we’ll have a pleasant and fruitful Monday’s sessions over the nearest 14 weeks.  Please, obtain Dan Saffer’s book ASAP and start reading.  To accomplish a test I recommend you to read through Chapter 2, pages 31-46; Chapter 7, pages 127-138 and 143-156; Chapter 8 pages 174-191.

Further reading of Lift exercise.  Check out how other designers accomplished the same task: “Simplyphobia”. And here is one great crowdsourced collection of lift control panels from real life.

A challenge: can you design ultimate lift call button? A hint: please think about it purpose, main function, possible usage scenarios and context. We may discuss it next class. Keep cool and see you on Monday, Feb. 6th.