1-Day Tutorials

Design meaningful interactions! Join us for 1-day hands-on tutorials that teach the basics of interaction design through insightful minilectures and hands-on exercises. Learn how to create and test useful and delightful technical applications and gain stronger confidence with your design process.

Upcoming tutorials in 2014

Apply 14–17.8.2014, ICWL 2014

Venue ICWL, Tallinn, Estonia

About International Conference on Web-based Learning.

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Days to be announces, NordiChi

Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction.

26th – 30th of October 2014, Helsinki, Finland

Past tutorials 2014

27.4.2014, Profso UX

Venue ProfsoUX, Petersburg, Russia

About Конференция по юзабилити и проектированию взаимодействия

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28–30.5.2014, DevConfu

Venue DevConfu, Jurmala, Latvia

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